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To assist you in reaching your fitness goals there are various themes and levels offered.  Aside from Reformer classes I offer Aerial Yoga &  Jacqueline has two amazing fitness classes on the schedule.  See the explanation below.  Please read the class descriptions and reserve your spot accordingly.  Private sessions with myself or Jacqueline can be arranged to assist you in learning how to navigate the amazing menu of classes available at my studio.

Aerial Yoga:
Take your yoga practice a whole new level.  Literally! 
Traditional yoga poses re-interpreted to incorporate a silk hammock. 
Stretch further but gently and safely.  Improve your balance & posture. 
Get away from your earthly stresses and come fly with me!

Training with Jacqueline Burlock-Bowes
Jacqueline is a Certified CANFITPRO Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Healthy Eating Coach.  Jacqueline believes in a holistic approach to training and a healthy lifestyle.  She currently offers muscle toning classes Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm.  Her classes are head to toe workouts that will kick your butt in the best way.  Never boring and a ton of fun.
Jaden Blasdell

Is a recent graduate of St. Lawrence College Brockville Musical Theatre Performance Program, Brockville, Ontario.  You might recognise Jaden as a participant in my classes. She brings her experience as a Choreographer as well as a love of movement and Pilates.  You may know her though a variety of different roles such as: Dance Teacher, Tapps Performing Arts, or her job with Lake St. George Golf Course.  She has also worked at Mariposa Market, Montana's, 2nd Century Source for Sports and Modeling. 
I am very excited to have her join my crew! 

Reformer: Classic

Group Reformer class with Pilates based movement.  A full body workout. Moves to lengthen and strengthen the whole body with classic Reformer exercises.  excellent way to learn about Reformer or relax with moves you know & love.  Beginner to intermediate moves. Ideal for all levels of fitness.

Reformer: Iron

Like to lift weights? Want more muscle tone without the bulk?  This class is for you.  Improve your muscle definition, maintain bone density while increasing joint stability, co-ordination and balance. Pumping iron meets Reformer is not for beginners. Experience with Reformer Classic is required.

Reformer : Suspend

This class combines the best of both Reformer and TRX suspension training.  Learn how to transfer your body from the Reformer to the TRX suspension system for a total body resistance workout.  Experience with Classic, Sculpt and/or TRX is an asset for this challenging class.

Reformer: Sculpt

Next Level Group Reformer Training takes your Reformer training to another level with the added challenge of hand weights.  All the exercises you know and love but so much more.  And always something new.  Never boring. Be prepared to sweat! Designed for participants with experience in Reformer Classic.

Reformer: Pure Cardio or Power Cardio

Either way its a cardio and core workout. If you prefer to do just a cardio workout chose Pure Cardio. For an all in one powerful Reformer session using  the trampoline & hand weights chose Power Cardio.  You are definitely gonna sweat!  Experience with Reformer Classic  is required.

Reformer: Yoga

Yoga is the theme of this group based Reformer class.  Learn proper stretching and simple yoga poses.  Increase your range of motion and decrease your risk of injury.  Great for beginners or anyone looking for a stress free session.

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